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Sediment Control Plan

When rain falls on loose soils, or other materials it can be washed off site in to rivers. Where is causes damage. A sediment control plan aims to minimize risk of this happening.

Information on this page comes from the guide "Guidelines for Erosion & Sediment Control on Building Sites".

Sediment Control plans, are also called Erosion and Sediment Control Plans (ESCP) or Soil and Water Management Plans (SWMP). Southwest Environmental Limited are consultants who can produce Erosion Sediment Control Plans  or Soil and Water Management Plans

Legislative Context

Protection of the Environment Operations Act (POEO)  are the key legislative driver for Sediment Control Plans.

Guide Contents

The guide is relatively concise, and dwells mainly on practical measures to reduce risk of sediment laden run-off from construction sites. Problem begin to arise on construction site when:

Control Measures

The below are a selection of control measures contained with in the guide. They are quite practical and easy to implement:

Drag Out

A common problem on construction sites, is the drag out of mud and other debris on vehicle tires. To this end it is important to have a mud free area ant the site entrance, which will allow some of the mud and silt to fall of the tyre prior to merge on the sealed roads. The entry/exit pad will require reapplication of aggregate if excessive sediment build-up occurs.