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Sustainability Consultants

Southwest Environment produce a wide variety of sustainability reports for our diverse range of clients. Subject matter ranges from the built environment to policy and progress reports. If you have requirements for any kind of Sustainability Report please contact us and we will give you an idea of costs and timescales.

Green Procurement Policy

A green procurement policy aims to ensure that goods or services purchased or procured by an organization is done as sustainably as possible. The following attributes are import to consider:

The product of service should be sustainably produced, using an energy efficient low carbon manufacturing process, using sustainably sourced materials. It should be free from toxins and should be recyclable. The products should be water and energy efficient. For water efficiency look for a high WELS rating, whilst for energy choose products with the highest energy rating.

The above represents a simplified strategy for creating a green procurement policy, but in reality the process can be time consuming particularly in the implementation. The creation of a green procurement guide will increase the sustainability of your operation.

Sustainability Strategy

A sustainability strategy can range for just 2 pages to 200 pages plus depending on the level of commitment. In its broadest terms a sustainability stagey seeks to spell out your organisations MO for becoming  our maintaining sustainability.  

Growing awareness of environmental pressures in the past two decades has led to a widespread recognition of the importance of reducing the ecological impact of the built environment, and operating techniques. Going beyond minimum requirements and focusing instead on best practice performance promotes design innovation and can be accomplished using existing technologies and economies of scale, while respecting heritage values.

Corporate Sustainability Reporting

Historically the majority of reports presented to shareholders and board members with regards to the performance of a company has been financial, but now in recent years we see a shift to the presentation of the companies performance:

"The conventional corporate reporting model requires the disclosure of financial measurements which generally provide only one part of the overall picture of a company’s performance. However, using Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports and narrative reports to provide context for financial disclosures give investors and stakeholders a window on the company’s future sustainability. The investment and financial sectors are increasingly requiring alternative forms of reporting to ascertain the longer-term corporate approach and the future directions of a company to facilitate assist in the determination and analysis of factors for facilitating corporate financing decisions"

"Sustainability reporting goes beyond financial results by providing information on economic, social and environmental performance. Supply chains, corporate governance, risk management, employees, the environment and the community, as well as climate change mitigation, feature in the overall success of a company."