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Certificate of Approval Applications

SWEL can undertake your Certificate of Approval Application on your behalf, a Certificate of Approval Application or CofA is a very time consuming process, often require a significant amount of data collection, and reporting. You may not have the resources (or inclination!) to do this in house and SWEL can provide temporary resource to help obtain a CofA whilst you focus on your main objectives.

Below is presented a small amount of the information that is required to make a CofA:

Emissions and Certificate of Approval Applications

Guidance states that Reports submitted to the MOE as supporting information to an application for CofA include a completed copy of an Emission Summary and Dispersion Modelling Checklist and signed form that is part of the Checklist. This Checklist is included as Appendix D of this Procedure Document. If any of the items listed in the checklist are not submitted then the ESDM report may not be accepted by the Environmental Assessment and Approvals Branch (EAAB). It is also recommended that the purpose and scope of the application for CofA be included in the introduction to the ESDM report. Applications for CofA that include only noise as a contaminant are not required to complete an ESDM report. The individual responsible for preparing the ESDM report must be able to defend the accuracy of the information presented in the report.

Facility Description

Applicants for a CofA must include a description of the facility however applicants are only required to provide a description of the facility that contains sources that emit contaminants in common with the sources that are the subject of the application itself. 


Basic Comprehensive CofA holders may make modifications to the facility including updating the operating conditions as long as those modifications are in accordance with the conditions on the CofA and are within the Operating Envelope defined by the Basic Comprehensive CofA. For more information please see MOE guidance document, “Basic Comprehensive CofA User Guide PIBS #4391 dated April 2004".

Site Plan

Paragraph 9 of subsection 26(1) of the Regulation states the following regarding the information that must be placed on a site plan:

Under Subsection 26(1) of the Regulation – Contents of ESDM report: 9.

A plan of the property from which contaminants are discharged, drawn to scale, that shows, i. the property boundary, ii. the co-ordinates for sufficient points on the property boundary to accurately describe the boundary, iii. each source of contaminant identified under subparagraph 3 ii as a source of contaminant that was considered when using an approved dispersion model for the purpose of this section and, for each source of contaminant, the label referred to in subparagraph 8 i, iv. the location, dimensions and elevation of every structure on the property, and v. an indication of which structure