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Southwest Environmental are a multidisciplinary environmental consultancy firm. We assist Industry, Business and Individuals with reporting and technical direction. Established in 2009 Southwest Environmental have worked on over 300 projects world wide, delivering excellent results with a string of satisfied clients. Our clients range from multi nationals to members of the public.

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We provide assistance with reporting, technical design, monitoring and testing to gauge and inform our clients on the best options.

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Where are Environmental Consultants Based? Who Works at Environmental Consultants? Why does the United States need Environmental Consultants?
What Services do Environmental Consultants Offer?   Which States do Environmental Consultants Cover?   What do Environmental Consultants do to lower their Environmental Impact?

Who Works at Environmental Consultants?

An environmental consultant is someone who works on a contractual basis for private and public sector clients, addressing environmental issues such as water pollution, air quality, and soil contamination. 

An environmental consultant conducts both field and desk-based research, and will hand over completed and detailed scientific reports, written in a manner that can be understood by non-technical people. Their research will identify whether water, air, or land contamination will have an adverse impact on people or groundwater, for example. They will interpret data, which includes a detailed assessment of the data, sometimes using software-modeling packages to see whether contamination exists in accordance with current legislation.

Most Environmental Reporting work on the principal of the source > pathway > receptor model. In order to gauge an impact we mist seek to understand the source (e.g. noisy machine), the pathway (the route the sound travels), and the receptor (the human next door trying to sleep).

Why does the United States need Environmental Consultants?

There has been a long history of environmental action in the United States. The EPA was founded in 1970, however, this was likely borne out of the growing sense of Environmental awareness that came out of the 60's. Much can be accredited to early pioneers such as Rachel Carson with her book "Silent Spring".

Now some 50 years later there are reams and reams of environmental rules, regulation and guides that affect New York City and the United States Beyond. It can be a time consuming affair when businesses have to undertake reporting in connection with expansion, or negotiations with the Department of City Planning - City of New York and it is in these situation they may well delegate some of that work to Southwest Environmental. We will arrange it all for you.

What Services do Environmental Consultants Offer?  

The services we offer can be broken down in to two main areas the provision of information or creation of a physical system. We write reports on just about any subject within the context of the environment. Which Einstein once defined as "everything that isn't me" so its a pretty broad subject area.

Provision of information is normally in the form of a report or web resource, which presents finding from studies, assessments or testing. We can also design and build environmental abatement systems to our clients specific requirements. 

Southwest Environmental provide Environmental Consultancy Services in the discipline of Environmental Impact Assessment. The first step in impact assessment is typically a desktop study followed by a baseline field study if required the baseline field study is required so as to form an opinion of the areas environmental quality prior to the project being established once a baseline has been established it is impossible to gauge the impact of the proposed structure or development.

There are a number of different elements for which we can provide Environmental Consultancy Services, sometimes called specialist studies which which can form part of an environmental impact assessment these include elements such as visual impact noise impact and over impact all of which can then be summarized in an environmental statement which ordinarily will contain an executive summary which presents the findings of the individual elements and the environmental statement within a few pages of text.

Southwest Environmental can offer all elements of Impact Assessment including Visual Impact and Odour Impact Consultancy Services across Australia.

Which New York City Boroughs do Environmental Consultants Cover?  

  • 1 - Manhattan
  • 2 - Brooklyn
  • 3 - Queens
  • 4 - The Bronx
  • 5 - Staten Island
new_york_city_boroughs SWEL Provide Environmental Consultancy Services to all New York City Boroughs.

Which States within the United States do we Cover?

states of the USA We also provide services across the whole of the USA. We are always happy to discuss your requirements. Please call or preferable email the office with your concerns and we will respond, promptly.

What do Environmental Consultants do to lower their Environmental Impact?

Sitting in an office environment, it is hard to visualise how our activities are impacting on the environment. Issues, such as air pollution, global climate change, deforestation, landfills, water availability, biodiversity, chemical pollution, eutrophication and soil erosion, seem very distant and unrelated to the activities we undertake at work.

Our main impacts as a primarily office based activity are travel and use of computers. Of course to run a human body also creates impacts, but as a company what our employees eat and drive is beyond our control. Our reports are printed on post consumer waste, unbleached paper (where they have to be printed). Our electricity is sourced from a premium renewable energy tariff.

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